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EnviroManagement Services was established to provide specialist professional services in environmental management, due diligence and risk assessment to private clients, industry, planning, environment, development, waste management and energy companies.


Since 2011 I have been engaged, purely on a voluntary basis, in research of the effect of fluoride on human health and the environment. In recent times the Republic of Ireland has witnessed a dramatic and unprecedented increase in medical ailments that has resulted in alarming levels of disease burden amongst the population. Environmental pollutants play a major role in promoting ill-health.

Fluoride has been scientifically documented to contribute to a wide range of illnesses and is known to be an enzymatic poison and metabolic inhibitor in humans, animals and aquatic species. Because of the lack of appropriate due diligence and environmental health risk assessment in examining this policy, in particular the complete lack of appropriate toxicological assessment of the chemicals used to fluoridate drinking water, I decided to undertake my own independent research and to make this information available to the general public.

All of the information included in my study is sourced from peer reviewed scientific and medical journals including scholarly articles from reputable academics, professionals and organisations.

To read my current report examining the health implications of water fluoridation on disease incidence and mortality in the Republic of Ireland, as well as other fluoridated countries, please click here

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